Based in Madrid, Spain

Founding date:
March 30, 2018


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Virtual Rhythm

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We are a team of former and current video games students from Spain, who have worked on different projects, including XR and experimental games. We’re also collaborating with a couple of experienced musicians from LA.


Early history

In the beginning, Cronista started as a Game Jam Group. Jose, as an ambitious designer, wanted to show the world what was he capable of, while talking about his inner conflicts. He also realized he could not make art nor write code, thus was obliged to seek help from among his kin (other game developers from his university). In a particular order that we shall not discuss about now, Jose approached two of his friends: Álex and Dani. The first was an artist, skilled as no other, capable of creating the most unforgettable characters and rendering the purests environments. The second one, born within the sinus of the Third Group (programmers), had as well no parallel among his peers, for he was well learned in C# and had developed an inclination towards the dark arts of production. And so, they came together and, as if life had only meant that for them, worked night and day during the two strenuous weeks of the Meta Game Jam. And from that, Kairos came to life. At this stage, the Three from Cronista were already aware of such an amazing group they made together, but had not yet cogitate about which name should they use as a whole.


The months passed and Kairos earnt many high scores and positive feedbacks. But of course this was not enough for Álex, Jose and Dani. They were still thirsty for more creativity. This is the reason why, when the next Ludum Dare came, they dared not skip it. The Ludum Dare had the time constraint of only a weekend, so the three creators decided it would be best to join into the sleepover their university organized. They would not know what changes that decision would make in them. After the most terrible of the nights had passed, Proelium was almost done, so the Three decided to better sleep the following night at Álex's dwelling- and after a relaxed evening, thinking about how should they name themselves, the much seeked name finally came out: Cronista.

Current times

After the next summer holidays, Jose brought back the team again, for he had been ruminating his most ambitious game idea. Dani and Álex of course agreed upon his vision and reached for some contacts to aid them in their new venue, from whom Ricky standed out. This was the birth of Virtual Rhythm. Not so long after, Cronista came to the conclusion that their project was doomed: they were unable, for more and more that they tried to find a decent musician to make their tunes. Months passed, their prototype was already starting to take form but no music but the placeholder song was put into the project. And just out of nowhere, the music came. They were Javi and Morgana, and together they were capable of making the best songs, even tailored to Cronista's needs. So there the fusion was made between Cronista and Fata productions, the only combination that would make Virtual Rhythm possible.



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There are far more images available for Cronista, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Daniel Fernández Marqués
Producer, Programmer

José Martín Socorro

Alejandro Moralo Vega

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